Although someone did it secure early purchases of a few Core i9-12900K CPUs, we didn’t have detailed information on Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake chips. Now a sales page turned up at the Micro Centerwhich suggests the chips will be available for $ 669.99 when they hit the market on November 4th.

The data sheet shows that this chip will have an operating frequency of 3.2 GHz, which can reach 5.2 GHz in turbo mode, with 16 cores and 30 MB L3 cache. As expected, the specifications also support DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5 and the Intel Z690 chipset motherboards, which are to be launched at the same time.

During its Architecture Day 2021 event in August, promised Intel Alder Lake chips with 16 cores with eight power cores and eight efficient cores. This leak is in line with top-end promises, right down to the listed support for 24 concurrent threads (two each on power cores, one thread each on the efficient cores) and 125W of thermal power.

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