As the Miami Dolphins organization embarked on plans to host Super Bowl LIV in 2020 at Hard Rock Stadium, they realized that the existing IT infrastructure would need a significant upgrade.

The stadium’s IT infrastructure had become too complex to manage and lacked the necessary flexibility and storage capacity. If the team were to not only protect but build on its reputation as one of the best branded video views in the NFL, its existing infrastructure would require more than just an upgrade.

“When I arrived [in 2018], we ran out of storage,” said Kim Rometo, vice president and CIO of the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium. “Like all stadiums, we handle a high volume of video capture and output on our premises.”

Kim Rometo

The Miami Dolphins added data storage and hyper-converged infrastructure systems from Dell Technologies to better support video for fan engagement and improve security at Hard Rock Stadium.

The new infrastructure allows the team to…

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