What will system memory look like in five years? Good question. During Monday’s panel, Designing AI superchips at memory speed, addressed several topics at the AI ​​Hardware Summit, the panelists also took a brief look into the future. In contrast to computing, storage and networking, which have all steadily gained in software-defined capabilities, memory has remained closely linked to computing.

That will change, the group said, when the era of heterogeneous memory arrives. One of the most concrete views came from panelist Charles Fan, Founder and CEO of MemVerge.

“If we look five years into the future, we might see the real division between computing power and storage [that] enables independent scaling and the entire infrastructure becomes software-compatible. For each workload, I could decide how many cores I needed, how much memory, how much storage, how much network and how much I would put together a computer to run this workflow, ”said Fan.

Yes, Fan has a horse in the running; MemVerges …

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