In the recent past we’ve created a lot of tips and tricks for apps and processes on Chromebooks, focusing more on news and updates for students and educators in the Google apps and service ecosystem. In honor of EDU weekWe’re going to spend a little time looking back on all of the incredibly useful information available to teachers and students to help you get all of your Chromebook educational needs from a single source!

First, I wanted to spotlight the prominent educators with Google’s laptops that inspired our efforts this week, and continue to make Chrome OS the operating system of choice for learning and teaching. That’s why I put this together Top 10 Chromebook With Educators To Follow So that you get the best information in this ever-changing landscape. Seriously, these influencers are up to date every day! After Chromebooks’ growth exploded with a 275% increase, You’ll want to expand your sphere to keep up to date.


Notable educational updates

To kick off, G Suite and Enterprise for Education went through a complete metamorphosis earlier this year, and they are Now called Google Workspace for Education. It includes four packages with different prices – Basic Education, Standard Education, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus. If you are not yet familiar with these changes, I recommend reading our overview as soon as possible!

Dragging, Google Classroom received a roadmap for updates in 2021and it contains a number of exciting changes that are already beginning to change the structure of the distance learning model that we have all been thrown into thanks to the pandemic. We have also put together Three great (and free) resources for your Google classroom if you want to make the most of it in the future.

Another extremely notable change that year was all the love and attention that Google Chat and To meet have received. They have quickly become the focus of the business in the above model as they are the key to the success of the digital classroom. We have written extensively about the constant updates and new features for each and encourage them to take some time to read through.

Apps and web apps

The first thing most students do when they get a new Chromebook is set up the Microsoft Office suite of apps. In my time as a Chromebook expert for Best Buy, more devices have been returned than I can count because the process wasn’t as easy as one would hope it would be. I’m not blaming the user so I made one Detailed instructions on how to install and activate Microsoft Office 365 on your Chromebook so that no one is left behind. Use and share – I hope it remains a valuable asset for students and teachers alike.

One last thing I want to cover in relation to this year’s top education highlights is the insane potential of web apps and progressive web apps. Google makes it clear that the web is the future and that Chromebooks are at the fore. While it is Constant placement of PWAs instead of traditionally packaged Google Play Store appsWe thought it was important to help you, as a teacher or student, get the most out of your Chromebook Turn any website into an icon. This includes web applications that are central to the learning experience like Focus, Canvas, Clever, iStation, Dreambox, STMath, VIPKID, etc. If you follow the steps in our guide, all of your schoolwork and tools are just a click away in yours Shelf!


To go one step further, there are many important web apps that serve as tools and resources for a student or teacher’s day-to-day work. To familiarize yourself with the vast pool of “software” available to you directly on the open web, we have put together our own A must-have web app starter pack for new Chromebook users and hope you take full advantage of it.

Accessories and discounts

Our own contributing writer and even an educator – John R. Sowash – shed all the details about him Favorite Chromebook accessory in the classroomSo if you’re looking for USI pens, USB hubs, monitors, or anything else to add to your device experience, don’t skip this. Oh, and be sure to read mine in-depth review of One by Wacom – the first Wacom drawing tablet for Chrome OS! We are currently making a giveaway to get you excited about the EDU week. It’s a wonderfully compact little accessory to toss in your shopping bag and take with you for signing papers, writing scientific equations, brainstorming with classmates on whiteboarding apps, and more. Enter our giveaway below – you could be one of our lucky winners!

A Wacom giveaway

Click here to enter the giveaway


Once you’ve won or picked up the Wacom One (which now works A powerful Photoshop alternative – Clip Studio Paint) or even something like the Penoval USI Pen, you should check out ours The best pen-based note-taking apps for Chromebooks! If you want to switch to something a little more creative, you should check out ours Artist’s Guide to Sketching and Drawing on a Chromebook.

However, if your child has a new Chromebook and they want to start them off with something that is a little easier to learn and navigate than the professional art apps mentioned above, there are these 6 easy-to-use drawing apps that have no ads or in-app purchases. Paired with the latest Chromebook is great for creativityYou will be creating masterpieces in no time! There are additional perks for students Simplifi, Codecademy Pro and Framer for programming and Docusign for quick signatures without a printer! If you absolutely have to use a printer, we made one Video tutorial for this also and even have a list of 12 Google Cloud Print Alternatives now that it has been blown to dust. Educators can follow ours too Guide to enabling wireless printing for your students after GCP passed away.



Of course, you cannot claim the benefits mentioned above for yourself “Android apps without first Activate the Google Play Store on your students’ Chromebooks. For this reason we created a tutorial for it. Often times, teachers or school IT specialists are hired to visit their local Best Buy or Walmart to collect multiple consumer-friendly devices in bulk. However, they will not realize that they have to toggle the permissions for the Play Store themselves via their Google Workspace and the admin dashboard will be shown before it is shown on these devices. Therefore, a step-by-step guide is helpful. As a former Chromebook expert for Best Buy, I’ve seen again that having people help with this process greatly reduces the number of trips back to the store.

If you want to keep Chromebooks as secure as possible at school or at home, Putting them in the oven is definitely not the best way to do this! Instead, consider setting up and managing these devices directly from Google Family Link. Now Google’s own parental control suite works directly with school accounts! Once you’ve done this, you can use Google’s Interland game to educate your students or your own children about the potential dangers of the internet and how to avoid them and help them become a good digital citizen Be Internet Awesome! If you’re a student yourself, this is a fun interactive experience that you’ll want to try at least once.

Google has also done a lot of work this year to combat the Chrome Web Store and the wild west its expansion problem. Now a digital security certificate is issued to developers who help users maintain their privacy and protect their data while operating it. An article about the best extensions for teachers and students will be published during EDU week. So stay up to date!


I’ve accidentally fallen in love with them since Google launched the Tab Groups feature. Seriously, I use it for everything now! Soon it should also be integrated directly into the reading list function so that all of your research tabs can be collapsed and accessed later. Combine this fantastic tool with the newly released one Citation function for bibliography that the company created directly in Google Docs, along with New Smart Compose and Autocorrect Updates for Comments in Documentsand you have the recipe for fantastic school newspaper writing productivity.

Finally, an incredible number of updates have been rolled over to Google Search over the year, but one of my favorites is that you can now Solve complex math problems and practice STEM concepts like a boss Just type queries into the search bar. Oh yeah, when we’re talking about search, you can use it Google Collections to inspire your 2021 goals and save things for later – I’ve found a lot of students interested in this, although it’s not entirely clear how Google hopes you will still use it.


Impressive! That was a lot of information! You can find all this and more on our website via the search bar or our dedicated navigation menu. However, I wanted to put together as much as possible for you here so that you don’t have to hunt and peck less. Now that we’ve got the tough stuff behind us, I wanted to make one final quick mention – gambling. As you probably know, we’ve merged Gaming Unboxed from the Gaming tab in Chrome Unboxed, and we’re now covering all major Stadia updates. As a college student, you probably want some relief after a long day of studying and testing. Google’s gaming platform works right through your browser. If you want something a little more educational, Minecraft: Education Edition and Roblox Studio can help your brain get a workout while building complex worlds with easy-to-use tools that include just a Chromebook.

Okay, I hope it was helpful to summarize all of this! I understand it’s a lengthy article and I apologize for it, but I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun writing about so many aspects of the education industry and how it relates to Chrome OS since joining the Chrome Unboxed team. I never miss an opportunity to publicize the wonderful work that Google and the passionate educators I mentioned here at the beginning of our modern day have done and continue to do. If you want to see a little more frequently on the site on the topics we cover in EDU Week, let us know in the comments section – we hope to continue to bring you the latest and greatest coverage!

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