Meet two of Amazon Career Choice’s first graduates


Higher education didn’t seem possible for these two Amazon employees until they enrolled in the Career Choice program.

Steve Ahrens, Head of Control Systems, Amazon

Meet Steven Ahrens, one of the first Amazon Career Choice | graduates Amazon News

Steve Ahrens started at Amazon almost 16 years ago in Fernley, Nevada and was one of the first Amazon employees to take Career Choice. “My dad always taught me, whenever you can get a free workout, take it. All the knowledge you acquire from school or training accompanies you everywhere,” said Ahrens.

In 2012, Ahrens was working as a control systems technician when he heard about Amazon’s new Career Choice program at a warehouse briefing. “Amazon pays 95% of my tuition? It was child’s play for me,” he said.

Ahrens used Career Choice to work on an Industrial System Technologies…

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