Overwatch (Image: Blizzard)

Overwatch 2’s The newest heroine, Sojourn, is coming and she has a lot in store for fans.

According to PolygonBlizzard featured the game’s first Canadian hero with railgun weapons at BlizzCon 2021 in a behind-the-scenes video that features a sneak peek of them as well as preliminary character designs.

According to chief hero designer Geoff Goodman, Sojourn’s look was geared towards her devastatingly powerful weapon. He praised her “aiming ability” with the railgun and noted that players with that ability “will love it”.

Sojourn herself wears her ivory hair in braids that lead into a ponytail. She also wears a khaki jacket over a white and gray body with red accents. Her railgun complements her outfit and glows green with power.

There’s no release date for Overwatch 2 yet, but Sojourn will make its debut alongside the game. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that we will see the game before 2022.

There were many new announcements during BlizzCon 2021. Blizzard debuted Diablo II Remastered and his first major World of Warcraft: Shadowlands update, Chains of domination. There have been little other Overwatch 2 updates, but we will likely learn more about the game as development continues over the coming months.

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