Meet Amazon DevOps Guru for health monitoring


Amazon DevOps Guru is a relatively new service that uses machine learning to analyze data from cloud services like CloudWatch, CloudTrail, X-Ray, and AWS Config. It identifies application usage patterns and anomalies and detects potential problems early. IT admins can also analyze past and current issues, visualize results, and send notifications of issues. A key benefit of this service is Amazon’s extensive experience in data and systems management, which is used to train the machine learning algorithms that feed DevOps Guru.

What Amazon DevOps Guru offers

DevOps Guru delivers two types of insights: reactive insights and proactive insights. Reactive Insights provide a list of issues that are occurring now or have occurred in the past; proactive Insights are recommendations to prevent future problems.

IT and cloud admins don’t need to configure a long list of parameters – just the resources they want to monitor. Because Amazon DevOps Guru uses machine learning…


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