The has issued an alert, describing two types of vulnerabilities in 16 different models of implantable defibrillators.

Nearly 750,000 made by contain vulnerabilities, which could let a cyber attacker with sophisticated insider knowledge harm a patient by altering programming on an implanted defibrillator, reported on Friday.

The first could allow improper access to data exchanged between a defibrillator and an external device, like an at-home monitor.

“A second allows an attacker to read sensitive data, streaming out of the device, which could include the patient’s name and past health record stored on their device,” said the alert.

The Homeland Security Department oversees security in the critical US infrastructure, including

is now monitoring its network for signs that someone was trying to exploit the vulnerabilities,” said the report.

The vulnerabilities do not affect Medtronic pacemakers, the report added.

Implantable defibrillators are battery-run computers implanted in patients’ upper chests to monitor heart and send electric pulses or high-voltage shocks to prevent and treat abnormal heart beats.

“To date, no cyber attack, privacy breach, or patient harm has been observed or associated with these issues,” a was quoted as saying in a CNET report.



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