Medtech and healthcare facilities: A cybersecurity mirror house


    While the average cost of a data breach exceeded $9 million in 2021, the calculation for a widespread cyber-physical attack in the healthcare industry remains elusive and unforeseen. Amid international cyber conflicts and a spectrum of threat actors, the US government is beginning to shed new light on a growing problem.

    Despite the emergence of ransomware, many industry stakeholders are groping in the dark when it comes to understanding the cyber-physical risks associated with operational medical technology, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), and digital components of operations and facility management.

    From business records to patient records and diagnoses, scheduling, treatment, prescriptions, payments, facilities and more, healthcare has gone digital. One theme runs through the cyber threat landscape of medical technology, devices, hospitals and public health facilities: confusion.

    Often introduced without adjusting security policies, push-to-roll is many…

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