Insurance and finance firm MassMutual’s chief information security officer talks about the changing threat landscape and how data science supports the security team’s charter.

While many enterprise tech executives focused on the linchpin of working from home and related initiatives over the past pandemic year, those efforts probably weren’t high on the list for senior information security officers. For these IT managers, monitoring the world of cyber attacks and protecting the company from them is a top priority.

This undoubtedly applies to Ariel Weintrab, Chief Information Security Officer of MassMutual. In the past 12 months, new types of cyberattacks have hit the headlines and caught the attention of top IT security managers across all industries. The big problem, of course, is the SolarWinds attack, first published in December 2020, which used software updates from a software company to distribute a backdoor Trojan to 18,000 companies worldwide. This attack has …

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