Mass Effect characters stand in front of the Normandy SR3.

Liara T’Soni, Commander Shepard, Kaiden Alenko, Urdnot Wrex, Miranda Lawson and Garrus Vakarian stand in front of the Normandy SR3.
image: BioWare / EA

No doubt bsupported by Word that Wheel of time is a hit out of the gate, Amazon Studios is it again in his grip terrifyingly deep Bags to fund another genre show: an adaptation of popular BioWare and Electronic Arts video game Mass effect.

This message is courtesy of meetingwhat it kind of put into an article that reflects the success of the one that was just launched Robert Jordan series. But it makes sense, both given the huge ones Mass effect Fan base that is already there, and the fact that The wide is facing the sixth premiere and last season: a Mass effect series has the potential to be Amazons next science fiction sensation.

It’s not yet set in stone – the trade reports that the streamer “Is about to make a development deal [the] Series “but it upholstery that with some enthusiastic ones Comments from Amazon Studios Head Jennifer Salke: “You will see that we continue to invest in fantasy genres of all kinds, we have a genre-oriented team on site in the studios working tirelessly on these slate boards with our creative partners, and you can look forward to more. “

There is no word about how forward we will look Mass effect– let alone who will play show running, directing, writing and leading roles in the potential series –B.ut Salke had a scrap of information about Lord of the rings, Season 1 of it is planned arrive in September 2022. “All the systems are running on this show, it looks absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to bring it to the world. We know our global audiences are hungry for upscale fantasy and shows based on popular IP; we see that Wheel of time, and Lord of the rings will be the heart of our year. ”

What do you think of the Mass effect News? AAre you? voices into it Wheel of time? Are you like “Hungry for upscale fantasy and shows based on beloved IP”, as Amazon Studios hopes? Sound down!

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