Much of our daily lives has been changed in one way or another by technology – and often by deliberate efforts to innovate thanks to the advent of new technology. More than ever, we rely on shared platforms for collaboration and digital workspaces in our professional lives, yet most of the changes technology is making in our personal and family lives seem to be the accidental effects of general trends, rather than deliberate shifts. Maple, a new startup starting today, wants to change that.

Maple was founded by the former Shopify product director and Kit (which was acquired by Shopify in 2016), co-founder of Michael Perry, and is known as the “Family Tech Platform”. He hopes to ease the burden of parenting, parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents and children to spend more time together. The startup, which is launching its app on iPhone and Android for everyone and will be adding new users to its waiting list for the next few weeks, has raised $ 3.5 million in startup capital.

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