Almost exactly a month ago, researchers found that a notorious family of malware was exploiting an unprecedented vulnerability that allowed it to bypass macOS security defenses and run unhindered. Some of the same researchers are now saying that another piece of malware can sneak into macOS systems thanks to a different vulnerability.

According to Jamf, evidence was found that the XCSSET malware was exploiting a vulnerability that allowed access to parts of macOS that required approval, such as: B. Access the microphone, webcam, or record the screen without ever getting consent.

XCSSET was first discovered by Trend Micro for Apple developers in 2020, especially for their Xcode projects, which they use to code and build apps. By infecting these app development projects, developers inadvertently distribute the malware to their users. This is what Trend Micro researchers call a “supply chain-like attack”. The malware continues to evolve, with newer variants targeting Macs as well

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