Minister for Crime and Police Kit Malthouse met scientists Dstlwho have favourited science inside United Kingdom Defense and Security to see cutting edge technology that will help and the police forces United Kingdom safe from violent criminals.

Mr. Malthouse said:

We are committed to ensuring that the police force is equipped with the right tools to protect the public and themselves – and the technology that drives them Dstl that we are working on will help us.

Knife crime destroys families and communities, so tools that can help detect and remove such weapons before they are used will be vital to preventing further tragedy.

I’m excited to see firsthand how government investment has helped develop this innovative technology. We will continue to support projects that use science and technology to keep the public and our brave police officers safe.

Kit malting visits Dstl.

Doug Umbers, interim head of Dstl, called:

It was a great opportunity to show the Minister and our Home Office …

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