Make heavy lifting easier with Kubernetes


VMware made a name for itself in the fast-growing Kubernetes space in 2019 with the launch of its Tanzu portfolio, extending its reach beyond virtual machines into the world of containers. In the more than two years since, the provider has expanded Tanzu as part of its broader cloud-native strategy. For example, last year the company brought Tanzu and VMware Cloud Foundation together to create a distributed platform, now known as VMware Cloud, that gives businesses and developers the tools to modernize and manage their cloud infrastructure.

Tanzu has brought VMware into closer competition with other Kubernetes platforms, such as Red Hat’s OpenShift and Amazon Web Services’ Lambda service, at a time when Kubernetes has gone mainstream. Red Hat, in last year’s report on Kubernetes, found that 88 percent of organizations have adopted the technology, including 74 percent in production environments.

At the same time, VMware expanded the availability of Tanzu in the cloud by…


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