Major outage hits Amazon Web Services; many sides affected


Amazon’s cloud service network suffered a severe downtime today, the company said, cutting off access to many popular websites. The service provides remote computing services to many governments, universities, and businesses, including The Associated Press.

About five hours after numerous companies and other organizations began reporting issues with Amazon Web Services, the company said in a post on the AWS Status page that it had “mitigated” the underlying problem that caused the outage . Shortly thereafter, it was reported that “many services have already recovered,” but noted that others were still working on a full recovery.

The problem primarily affected Amazon’s web services in the eastern United States, it said. The problems started this morning on the US east coast, said Doug Madory, director of internet analytics at Kentik Inc, a network intelligence company – including Amazon’s own e-commerce operation.

In a statement, Amazon spokesman Richard Rocha confirmed that Amazons …


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