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Major outage at Amazon disrupts companies in the US


(AP) – A major outage in Amazon’s cloud computing network seriously disrupted the services of a large number of US companies for more than five hours on Tuesday, the latest sign of how focused business has become in keeping the Internet running keep.

The Amazon Web Services incident mostly affected the eastern US, but it still impacted everything from flight bookings and car dealerships to payment apps and video streaming services to Amazon’s own massive e-commerce business. This included The Associated Press, whose publishing system was inoperable for most of the day, severely limiting their ability to publish their news.

Amazon still hasn’t said anything about what exactly went wrong. In fact, the company limited its communications on Tuesday to terse technical explanations on an AWS dashboard and a brief statement made through spokesman Richard Rocha confirming that the outage had affected Amazon’s own warehouse and delivery operations, but said that the company is …


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