Macquarie Telecom to deliver VeloCloud services through Azure marketplace


Credit: Macquarie Telecom

Macquarie Telecom has signed an agreement with Microsoft, to deliver VMware software-defined WAN (SD WAN) by VeloCloud services through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

The agreement will see the VMware SD WAN delivered through Microsoft’s Azure Lighthouse, with Macquarie Telecom claiming is is the first managed service provider (MSP) to do so.

Businesses managed by Macquarie Telecom that utilise Azure public cloud environments will be able to access the benefits of an Azure-enabled SD WAN, according to a statement by the MSP.

These benefits include as visibility and control over up to 3,600 applications, the prioritisation or deprioritisation of applications for bandwidth and infrastructure optimisation, carrier neutrality and link remediation; the optimisation of networks for high speed and low latency.

Michael Davies, head of revenue at Macquarie Telecom, said SD WAN technology has already had a “hugely positive impact” on the networks of Australian networks, and created demand for the technology to be applied to the cloud as a result.


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