The latest version of Apple’s macOS offers more than just a range of fancy new features.

In macOS 11.3, which was released on Monday morning, there is a patch that addresses a critical vulnerability that has been actively exploited. This means that hackers, criminals, or governments around the world were using this previously unreported bug for their own malicious purposes.

This is after Patrick Wardle, Creator of the Mac security website and suite of tools. In a blog post that is timed to coincide with the release of macOS 11.3, Wardle explains how serious the now patched vulnerability is.

“This bug trivially bypasses many important Apple security mechanisms and poses a high risk for Mac users,” he writes.

Worryingly, Wardle and Jamf, a company that makes Apple management software for enterprise customers, were able to detect genuine malware exploiting this flaw in the wild.

We reached out to Apple to confirm Wardle’s report and that macOS 11.3 has a patch for it …

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