After more than two weeks, the Massachusetts vehicle inspection system is still offline. People whose cars should be inspected in March drive on expired stickers – the state’s RMV now gives them until the end of May to have their vehicles checked. This is all thanks to an attack on the software on which the inspection system runs. Chris Gonsalves is an IT security expert at Channelnomics. He previously worked at the Institute for Applies Network Security. Gonsalves spoke to GBH Everything considered Host Arun Rath. This transcript has been edited for the sake of clarity.

Arun Rath: State inspections are conducted at gas stations, garages, and similar locations across Massachusetts. You run on software that was released by a company called Applus Technologies. Do we know how the software was compromised?

Chris Gonsalves: Well we can guess. We know the system was compromised around March 30th and they told the inspection stations that they would immediately …

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