April 13th Ludwig Ahgren completed a 31-day subathon in which the Pull out Streamer broke Tyler “Ninja” Blevins All-time subscriber record. It was an incredible achievement by the streamer, but one he doesn’t want to visit again. The stream was an incredible success for Ludwig, and he was able to raise an estimated $ 350,000 for various charities. Despite how well the experiment went, it seems clear that Ludwig will not do this again. On the last day of the stream, Ludwig said some things just don’t need a sequel and compared a second subathon to the Hangover Sequels.

“The reason I would never do one again is very simple,” said Ludwig. “And that’s why you shouldn’t be doing a sequel to the film The Male cat… It will never be as good as the original. “

The end of the subathon clearly had an impact on Ludwig. Before logging out, the streamer was visibly emotional, with tears filling his eyes. The subathon was originally supposed to only last 24 to 48 hours to get more people to watch. From then on, however, things grew. Ludwig claims he slept about 8 hours every night while presenters stepped in to entertain the audience.

Ludwig may not be planning another subathon anytime soon, but it will be interesting to see if other broadcasters opt for similar stunts or not. It remains to be seen whether the streamer will be able to maintain this interest (a fact that he himself pointed out during the stream), but the efforts have clearly paid off in the short term. Other streamers will likely try to replicate this formula, but its success remains to be seen. For the time being, Ludwig’s Subathon remains one of the most interesting experiments in the history of the platform!

While viewers shouldn’t expect to see another marathon session like this one, they can expect to see more on Twitch from Ludwig. After a break on Wednesday, the streamer will return on Thursday April 15th. After that, viewers can expect to see him on Monday. After 31 consecutive days of live, Ludwig cannot be held responsible for wanting a few days off! The streamer’s Twitch channel is located exactly here.

Have you adjusted to Ludwig’s stream for the subathon? Do you think another streamer will try to replicate the formula? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter @Marcdachamp to talk all about games!

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