Looming abortion law changes raise digital privacy concerns for clinics


With the Supreme Court poised to rule Roe v. Wade to reverse the landmark decision that enshrined the constitutional right to abortion nearly 50 years ago, some abortion providers are rushing to take precautions to protect their communications and their patients’ data, fearing the information could be in future criminal proceedings are used.

Others are already a step ahead of them. Mia Raven, the director of policy at the West Alabama Women’s Center, said her clinic runs almost entirely on paper. It’s a strategy she said to ensure patient privacy.

“There’s literally no computer at this clinic unless I bring my laptop from home,” Raven said.

Other workers at gynecological clinics across the US who spoke to NBC News say they are taking a variety of precautions, from using encrypted messaging apps to choosing Zoom meetings and phone calls over emails and texts, to fewer to leave electronic paper trails.

The moves are in part because of uncertainty about the…

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