Logitech announced the G303 wireless gaming mouse. It’s little more than just a wireless version of the G303 Daedalus mouse that the company released a few years ago. Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, both a prolific streamer and a pro gamer, apparently had control over what this revamped version would look and feel – right down to the requirement that it be charged via USB-C. However, I doubt it had any impact on the price. It costs $ 129.99.

Logitech says that in that collaboration, Shroud decided that the mouse should “have subtle markings that approximate Shroud’s fingergrip positions, clear sidewalls to reveal the technology Shroud wanted to see, and USB-C ports.”

To me, the overall shape of the newer mouse looks almost identical to the older G303 mouse with a few tweaks. Logitech says it repositioned the side buttons and changed the switch position inside. I think the most noticeable difference is the lack of RGB lighting (there is only a battery indicator near the scroll wheel). Logitech has been leaning towards more subtle designs for its mice lately, and I’m all for it.

The G303 merges into translucent plastic under the buttons on the side.

The G303 wireless mouse weighs in at 75 grams, but if you’re looking for the feather-lightest wireless mouse under the Logitech umbrella, take a look the G Pro X Superlightthat weighs around 63 grams. Logitech claims this new G303 model can last up to 145 hours on a single charge.

The mouse comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable that is used to charge the G303 and acts as an extension for the USB-A dongle. Also included is a new USB-A to USB-C converter with which the cable can be connected to the dongle. The G303 Shroud Edition, as it’s called, is available now for $ 129.99 through Logitech G’s website. I’ll be testing it more in the coming weeks for an upcoming update to our buying guide for the best gaming mice, so stay tuned.

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