Log4j Postmortem: Developers take a close look at the software supply chain…


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With so many security and development teams conducting post mortems on the Log4j vulnerability fiasco that unfolded in late 2021, just 10 days before Christmas, the key question is: how can we avoid this kind of pain in the future? Unfortunately, the answer is…it’s complicated.

SEE: Patch Management Policy (TechRepublic Premium)

According to new data from (ISC)2, the world’s largest nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals, nearly half (48%) of cybersecurity teams gave up vacation time and weekends to help with remediation, and 52% of teams spent “weeks or more” . ” Recovery of Log4j. Not exactly how the already stressed developers wanted to spend the holidays.

On the positive side, the pain of this experience has led to a major rethink of software supply chain security among developers and security teams.

Fix vulnerabilities without breaking legacy code

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