Like Cloud Virtualization by Fujifilm, TIM, LIQ, Gateway Technical…


Cloud virtualization technology is used by businesses to provision, share and scale IT resources across the organization.

The virtualization of cloud-based IT resources is increasing due to data growth and the increasing need for flexible storage, access and management.

See below how organizations across industries are using cloud virtualization to drive IT outcomes:

See all about the virtualization market.


LIQ is a Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company. LIQ’s solutions are aimed at several target groups. The company’s technology and multichannel format aim to be recognized as “best alternative” for companies that want to improve their relationship with their customers.

The company used VMware for cloud computing and virtualization services to create virtual machines (VMs). With VMware, they were able to streamline their cloud operations.

“The process is still ongoing, but we have already achieved surprising results,” says Nicholas…

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