A few days ago we reported that LG had its new OLEX EX technologywhich aimed to improve the brightness by up to 30 percent compared to the current OLEDs of the competitors of the Korean giant. By increasing the overall brightness, OLEX EX could be directly compared with mini-LEDs, which can achieve a brightness of 2000 nits and more. More importantly, it can overcome a limitation that could entice Apple into using it in future products. Let’s discuss.

OLED EX can also eliminate the blooming effect caused by the use of mini-LEDs on the 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro

LG explained that the 30 percent increase in brightness from OLED EX is due to the use of deuterium compounds to make the light emitting diodes emit stronger light. In contrast to mini-LED, every product that uses OLEX EX does not suffer from the blooming effect that one can notice on Apple’s 12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro. Later, a display analyst Ross Young commented that the reason this blooming effect occurs on Apple’s flagship tablet is due to the missing dimming zones, and if OLED were used instead, this small but noticeable problem would not arise.

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OLEX EX can’t outperform Mini-LED in terms of overall brightness, but it can beat normal OLED levels, which Apple might consider reviewing the technology more closely, as the latter has been reported to switch from Mini-LED to various products several times . OLED technology is also cheaper than mini-LED, which will be a plus for Apple, although the California-based company is unlikely to pass these cost savings on to customers.

As for the transition from mini-LED to OLED, the iPad Pro range is expected to be the receiver, although it may Arrival in 2023 and be a LTPO variantwhich allows the tablet to dynamically change the refresh rate to save battery life. Apple is also said to be planning an OLED MacBook version, but it should to be realized in 2025, and even then, there is a possibility that the entire product will be scrapped due to production and cost issues.

Do you think Apple should take a closer look at LG’s OLED EX for future products? Tell us in the comments.

News source: Engadget

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