LG today announced pricing for its 2021 line of 4K OLED TVs. The most exciting part for home theater enthusiasts is the new G1 series, which includes LG’s new “OLED evo” panel with a brighter image than any of the company’s previous OLEDs. But the G1 isn’t cheap: it costs $ 2,199 for a 55-inch model, $ 2,999 for a 65-inch model, and $ 4,499 if you want a 77-inch screen. According to LG, the G1 sets also have “an incredibly thin bezel with an included wall bracket that leaves virtually no gap from screen to wall.” You pay for both the superior image and the gallery-like aesthetic here.

When you step back from the G1, you get the C1 series, which supersedes last year’s highly acclaimed CX series. All sizes of C1 TVs still come with all of the HDMI 2.1 features (4K @ 120Hz, variable refresh rate, automatic low latency mode, and eARC), and you get four HDMI ports with those features. When it comes to gaming, this year’s LG TVs are also adding a new Game Optimizer section to the Settings menu, which shows all of the key options for next-gen PS5 and Xbox Series X / S games for quick access. Both Nvidia G-Sync and FreeSync and AMD FreeSync Premium are supported by these panels.

The G1 may get brighter, but the C1 is sure to get bigger: this year, LG has an 83-inch size for $ 5,999. Imagine this gigantic OLED on your wall. Both the G1 and C1 have LG’s latest processor that includes AI scene detection to optimize the image for whatever you’re watching. LG also added a new feature that can automatically lower the volume when switching between content sources and streaming apps.

At the end of the list is the A1 series, which is positioned as the LG entry-level OLED. In exchange for this low starting price (just $ 1,299 for a 48-inch model), you lose HDMI 2.1 features entirely, and inside is an older processor that sometimes allows for more banding and other visual quirks in complex scenes . It’ll still give you a nice picture – the A1 supports Dolby Vision, of course – but I’d recommend looking for a 2020 BX or CX before opting for the A1. Once sales for the 2021 range begin, this base model could hit the $ 999 mark, which is huge.

Remember, every new LG you choose will come with it a very different webOS than we’ve seen before. The company got rid of the old Blades interface that appeared at the bottom of the screen. Now the software is more reminiscent of what you would find on a streaming box.

Here is the full price for LG’s 2021 OLED range:

G1 series
77 inches: $ 4,499 (available March)
65-inch: $ 2,999 (Available March)
55 inches: $ 2,199 (available April)

C1 series
83 in: $ 5,999 (available May)
77 inches: $ 3,799 (available March)
65 inches: $ 2,499 (available March)
55 inches: $ 1,799 (Available March)
48-inch: $ 1,499 (Available April)

A1 series
77 inches: $ 3,199 (available June)
65 inches: $ 2,199 (available April)
55 inches: $ 1,599 (available April)
48-inch: $ 1,299 (Available June)

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