LG is pursuing gamers with new features for its C1 and G1 series OLED TVs designed to provide the best possible visual experience.

In an announcement on Monday June 28, the Korean tech company said its latest firmware (03.15.27) will make LG’s C1 and G1 TVs the first in the world to support Dolby Vision HDR at 4K 120 Hz on select gaming platforms .


Digital Trends reached out to LG for more information on which specific platforms will benefit from this and we will update this article as we hear about it.

Play with Dolby Vision HDR at 4K 120Hz should offer an upscale experience with breathtaking, silky smooth graphics.

In addition, LG confirmed that other premium models in its 2021 TV line-up – including the OLED Z1 series, QNED Mini LED QNED99 series, and NanoCell NANO99 series – will also receive the update in July Dolby Vision Gaming in 60 Hz or 120 Hz.

“With enhanced gaming features and convenient, easy-to-use controls, LG’s premium televisions are ready to deliver great next-generation gaming experiences,” the company said in a statement.

Game dashboard

LG’s latest firmware update also brings another feature designed to please gamers with an LG TV with Game Optimizer. The floating onscreen menu known as the “Game Dashboard” is described by LG as “similar to the head-up display (HUD)” that can already be found in many games.

The Game Dashboard gives users quick access to the TV’s settings, so you can quickly switch between different genres – Standard, FPS, RPG, or RTS – without interrupting the action.

“The dashboard also shows the status of other modes like black stabilization, low latency, and variable refresh rate (VRR),” LG said. To access more options, you can start the Game Optimizer from the Game Dashboard.

With their four HDMI 2.1 ports, support for G-Sync and FreeSync Premium and various game-specific image adjustments, the LGs C1 and G1 series OLED televisions have already caught the eye of Digital Trends reviewers as devices that gamers will love.

Indeed, even before the announcement on Monday, the reviewer of Digital Trends described the C1 than having “a truly comprehensive suite of player-friendly features” that have made it “one of the best televisions for gaming”.

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