You might think that OLED is practically the end game of displays and you might be largely correct. While OLEDs often offer the best features, these are also more expensive than LCD-based panels. LCDs may not all be that bad, especially with some of the recent innovations in the marketplace. At least that’s what LG is implying with its latest TV series with a new marketing buzzword. The new mini LED TVs named LG QNED, perhaps in contrast to the QLED from rival Samsung, have the highest number of backlit LEDs added to LG’s other TV buzzwords.

Terms like QNED, QLED, and even mini-LED are all too easy to confuse with OLED, but the truth is, they are still LCD displays. It differs from simple LCDs in that these use LEDs, especially mini-LEDs, to provide the necessary backlighting for the LCDs. This allows for better control of contrast and brightness, especially when more dimming zones are available.

In the case of the new LG QNED Mini LED TVThat’s 30,000 mini LEDs and 2,500 dimming zones, at least for the 86-inch high-end 8K flagship. On paper, LG promises an extremely high contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1. It also promises the staples of high-end televisions these days, especially with its new Quantum NanoCell technology, a combination of Quantum dots and its NanoCell LCD Technologies.

Despite all the marketing hype, LG is not missing out on the opportunity make it clear that it still regards OLEDs as the highlight of its offerings. It’s also more expensive, and this new QNED Mini LED TV promises the best in LCD technology at more accessible (read: cheaper) prices.

The LG QNED Mini LED TV will be unveiled on January 11th at the first CES 2021 virtual event. Aside from the 86-inch model, the company has proven its worth on all the other size options, let alone when and how the televisions hit this new range will cost you a lot.

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