LG just released a new one Press release in which it pledges to update its smartphones for the next three years. This wouldn’t be so strange if LG didn’t announce its retirement from the smartphone business.

LG Electronics announced a few days ago that it is LG Mobile shut down, essentially. The company will no longer manufacture smartphones in the future. The company has had an operating loss since 2015 and has decided to terminate the company.

The company initially promised to do so Continue update his phones, but we didn’t know the details until now. LG has committed to doing so for the next three years by making a “three-year pledge”.

Premium LG smartphones receive up to three iterations of the Android operating system

Note, however, that this only affects premium LG smartphones. LG said its premium phones will receive “up to three iterations of Android operating system updates from the year of purchase”.

This applies to LG premium smartphones released from 2019. Hence, it includes the LG G-Series, V-Series, Velvet and Wing devices that fit into this period.

Some 2020 non-premium models will also be updated in the future

Certain 2020 models like LG Stylo and K will also be updated. LG says these phones are getting two OS updates in case you are wondering.

LG will continue to manufacture phones in the second quarter of 2021. Why? Well, in order to fulfill contractual obligations towards freight forwarders and partners. So you can still buy LG’s smartphones if you want.

LG also said that if you have specific questions about your smartphone and what’s next, you can contact your local LG customer support team.

LG has a sketchy history when it comes to updates, so … let’s see what happens

This is a big promise from LG and it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. LG was far from being on time with updates in the past. It took the company some time to bring new iterations of Android to its smartphones.

The company was unfortunately known for it, so it will be interesting to see what will happen here. LG made a commitment in its press release to update some devices. So let’s hope that this promise is kept and that the updates arrive on time.

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