LG Electronics told us The edge that the company’s phone with a customizable screen, the LG Rollablewas not put on hold. “I can emphatically deny that such a decision about future mobile products has been made,” said an LG spokesman. The rejection comes up in response a report from Yonhap news LG reportedly told suppliers that the rollable had been put on hold and that they could request a refund for their development efforts.

Denying that a final decision has been made isn’t exactly the same as reassuring everyone that the rollable is still available in 2021, but it could reflect the general uncertainty involved in designing, manufacturing, and shipping complicated electronics during one global pandemic. And it could also be that the Yonhap news Report is somewhere near the truth.

LG also firmly denied a January report that it plans to exit the smartphone store and the Korean outlet TheElec ended up deleting this report, only to see LG later turn around and admit that phasing out smartphones was actually being considered, even if the decision was not yet finalized.

If LG decided to put the rollable on hold, it could see the release dates changed or part of its design revamped. Not every change to the production plan necessarily means a cancellation. However, for LG employees, it would likely be a surprise if it were canceled: TheElecThe now-deleted story originally indicated that the smartphone business, or no, Project I (LG’s code name for the Rollable) would continue. XDA developer wrote.

LG has had a tough time competing with other smartphone makers like Samsung or Huawei, and its smartphone business has lost around $ 4.5 billion over the past five years. But it seemed determined to see that the LG Wing is not the last “one-of-a-kind” phone design to release. The future of the rollable is uncertain, but the story is definitely not over yet.

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