LG made its first official TV announcement ahead of CES 2021 and includes a new acronym that could be confusing at best and misleading at worst. Regardless, the televisions themselves should look absolutely stunning.

The new TV series will showcase the very best LCD-based displays from LG and stand right next to the award-winning OLED TV series. It’s called QNED Mini-LED and covers 10 models in 4K and 8K resolution, with screen sizes ranging up to 86 inches.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of the TV-related acronyms, we understand: We even wrote this explainer going through them all – But now let’s focus on what LG plans to do with its new TVs.

The two additions to LG’s latest TVs are quantum dots and mini-LED backlights. In the past, LG has used so-called “Nanocell” technology to enhance the colors of its premium televisions. The Nanocell Techwhich is essentially a coating on the LED backlights is sticking around, but the LED backlights will be much smaller, there will be thousands more of them, and a sheet of quantum dot film will be added to take color and contrast to the next level.


TCL was the first to introduce mini LED technology to the US market 8er in 2019, later it trickled down to his praised 6 series in 2020. This year we should see mini LED TVs from several major TV brands, including LG.

Mini LED backlighting, as the name suggests, is a tiny version of LED lighting in very tight groups. Instead of numbering in the tens or hundreds of them, there are thousands. In the case of LG’s QNED mini LED televisions, there will be up to 30,000, which are grouped into up to 2,500 dimmable zones.

With so many smaller, tightly packed backlights, a television can make the backlight much more precise, improve black levels, reduce halos around bright objects on dark backgrounds, and increase overall brightness. In other words, it’s a big leap forward for televisions. You can learn more about it Mini LED in this explainer.

Quantum dots are a little more familiar these days. If you are familiar with the term QLEDThey know the ‘Q’ stands for quantum dots, which help improve the color accuracy, gamut, and brightness of a television. Quantum dots are also very helpful in getting vivid HDR images on a television.

By incorporating both technologies into its new TVs, LG is positioning itself well to compete with companies like Samsung, Sony and TCL. Indeed, these new televisions are likely to perform spectacularly.

There is one problem, however.

QNED is already an established acronym for another type of TV technology. By adopting the acronym, adding mini-LED as a differentiation, and registering a trademark, LG will likely be able to steer clear of legal hot water. However, it also invites potentially unwanted discussion and is most likely to cause confusion among consumers. Technically speaking, QNED is a TV technology that includes nanorod LEDs, a type of backlight technology that does not appear to be used in LG’s newly announced televisions.

Essentially, these are only QNED names, not technical terms that have already been understood. This could pose a problem and I am sure that it will be the subject of some discussion in the course of 2021.

Regardless of the nickname, I look forward to hearing more technical details about these new televisions. LG is currently unable to indicate how many dimming zones each of these TVs would offer or how high the promised color gamut could be. These are details that we may find out in March 2021. However, if we know LG, the specs – and the picture – are sure to impress.

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