Since the preview was announced, we’ve seen tremendous excitement and acceptance for Azure Synapse from our customers and partners. We would like to thank everyone who gave us feedback and we are now helping us to use the possibilities of limitless analysis for everyone.

As announced last week, Azure Synapse is now generally available.

Uniform experience

Azure Synapse combines data integration, enterprise data warehousing and big data analysis – on a cloud scale. By unifying these workloads, companies can massively reduce their end-to-end development time and the time to insight. It now offers both no code and Code first Experience for critical tasks such as data acquisition, preparation and transformation.

With this version, the administration and monitoring of your analysis system is considerably simplified. With one click, teams can secure their entire analytics system and prevent data exfiltration by simply selecting that managed virtual network Function when creating a synapses workspace. This gives back valuable time to teams hired to gain insights instead of spending a lot of time securing connections between services, building firewalls, or managing subnets.

Unified Analytics

Over the past several years, we have made it our goal to redesign and develop the next generation of query processing engine and data management to meet the demands of today’s massive data workloads. The result is that New, cloud-native, distributed SQL engine that supports Azure Synapse. It can scale from queries on a handful of cores to thousands of nodes – all depending on your workload needs.

Azure Synapse enables a level of productivity and collaboration between data professionals that was not previously possible with the deep integration of Apache Spark and its new SQL engine. It also supports popular languages ​​that developers prefer, including T-SQL, Python, Scala, and Java.

The new flexible service model for query processing enables data teams to use both serverless and dedicated options. Organizations can now choose the most cost-effective option for each use case, taking advantage of a data lake for rapid data exploration with pay-per-query pricing and / or a dedicated data warehouse for more predictable and mission-critical workloads.

“”Azure Synapse changed the game by delivering a big data solution on the scale required. Thanks to the integration in Power BI, our analysts were able to do their work efficiently. ”

– –Adhi Utama, data solution architect, grave

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Uniform data teams

Azure Synapse is also deeply integrated with Microsoft Power BI and Azure Machine Learning.

With Power BI, which is integrated directly into Synapse Studio, BI experts can work in the same service that houses data pipelines, data lakes and data warehouses. This reduces the time it takes to access clean and secure data for dashboards. And the new one for lightning-fast query performance Power BI performance accelerator for Azure Synapse automates the creation and optimization of materialized views with just a few clicks.

For predictive analytics, teams can deploy machine learning models from Azure Machine Learning model registration directly to Azure Synapse using a simple, guided user experience – no data movement required. In-engine ML scoring can generate millions of predictions within seconds while ensuring full data security as the data does not leave the platform. And with AutoML, all data teams – even organizations without highly skilled data scientists – can automatically apply machine learning models to their data and generate predictive insights.

Code-free and programmatic integration – including CI / CD support with Git integration – enables seamless version control, collaboration, and code management between data engineers, data scientists, and BI professionals, making them highly productive in a variety of use cases.

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Learn more about Azure Synapse Analytics latest innovations and functions.

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