LEOcloud establishes partnerships for satellite-based cloud computing


SAN FRANCISCO – The satellite communications startup LEOcloud announced on July 13th a partnership with the supercomputer company Ramon.Space to develop satellite-based cloud computing.

LEOcloud and Ramon.Space share a vision for edge computing in low earth orbit, Dennis Gatens, CEO and President of Leocloud, said in a statement. “The combination of Ramon.Space’s vast space heritage and expertise will provide LEOcloud with the most innovative and resilient roadmap of solutions,” he added.

LEOcloud, based in Ashburn, Virginia, has also announced contracts with Leaf Space and Exodus Orbital since its inception in February to bring edge computing into space.

Initially, LEOcloud plans to jointly place edge computing services at ground stations operated by partners. Later, the company plans to start a constellation of data centers called Space Edge LEO, Gatens said Space News by email.

LEOcloud intends to offer “low latency, high security and high availability” cloud services that customers …

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