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To help developers build and run their applications, services and integrate upcoming technologies, Microsoft has released an eBook – Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches. The eBook offers great insights into entry into cloud administration. Besides, it also gives a high-level explanation of each concept and common implementations.

Learn Azure in a month of Lunches free eBook

The Azure platform is robust and vast at the same time. It supports hundreds of features and runs many prebuilt services. As such, it is a difficult art to master. You require a trustworthy guide to show you the way. This is a hands-on book! It helps you focus on the core skills required for running Azure.

It breaks down the most important Azure concepts into bite-sized lessons. Using this you will be able to learn how to:

  • Get Started with Azure
  • Use core Azure infrastructure for writing and deploying web servers.
  • Make your applications and data secure
  • Utilize platform services—including how to choose which service for which task.
  • Get ready to adapt to new technologies, including containers and Kubernetes, AI/Machine Learning, and IoT.

There’s a powerful suite of Azure services dedicated to containers that aligns more with the PaaS approach. If you are not aware, containers offer a concept of isolation similar to VMs. However, Containers are typically much more lightweight than VMs and can start up quicker than VMs, often in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. Moreover, the size of a container image is typically only tens or hundreds of MBs, compared to many tens of GBs for VMs.

You can download this Azure eBook here.

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