Head of Marketing Matt Garman is one of the anticipated frontrunners for the top spot in Amazon Web Services when current market leader Andy Jassy succeeds Jeff Bezos as CEO of Amazon later this year.

He started at Amazon in 1998 – just a year after Jassy – and was promoted to vice president of sales and marketing in January 2020. He’s also one of the few AWS executives sitting on Amazon’s entire “S-Team,” a group of roughly two dozen executives from across the company who work closely together on key business decisions.

Emails Garman has sent over the past few months reviewing the Insider reveal details of its vision for the cloud giant’s sales strategy, which is an “AWS first” approach to selling, building skills in key areas, and increasing sales Includes diversity of sales team. Garman has become more widely visible across the company in the past few weeks, bringing employees together to grow sales, a well-known person told Insider.

Earlier this week, the cloud unit held its annual …

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