The operator of the Colonial Pipeline announced on Wednesday that it had started to resume pipeline operations.

“It will take several days for the supply chain for product delivery to normalize again,” said the company said on his website. “In some markets served by Colonial Pipeline, there may or continue to be intermittent business interruptions during the start-up phase.”

The The pipeline, which stretches from Texas to New Jersey, had been shut down since Friday following a ransomware attack.

In the past few days, Colonial has manually opened segments of the pipeline to ease supply pressures in several states, including Maryland and New Jersey. Despite claims by industry analysts that the Effects of the shutdown would remain relatively small as long as the artery was soon fully restored.

Gasoline in Georgia and several other states rose 8 to 10 cents a gallon on Wednesday, a price surge normally only seen when hurricanes disrupt refining and pipeline operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

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