Even before the Linux 5.11 kernel was released on Sunday, the kernel-based KVM supervisor Paolo Bonzini submitted the first changes to the virtualization for Linux 5.12 at an early stage. There are some interesting changes to the KVM front for Linux 5.12.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the KVM work for Linux 5.12 is the support for x86 / x86_64 so that the user room can emulate Xen hypercalls. This ability is based on work published by Oracle engineers back in 2019 as part of a wider series. These Oracle-led patches support Xen HVM guests for KVM. The aim is to enable KVM to boot Xen x86 HVM guests and to implement it in a manner similar to how Hyper-V is handled for x86 KVM.

Oracle’s interest in this functionality is to be able to run unchanged Xen HVM images with KVM, better test Xen guests and para-virtualized (PV) drivers, and much more. For Linux 5.12 with this initial pull requirement, only the part of the patches to enable interception of hypercalls is …


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