Kubernetes takes broadcast to the next level


The author is the Chief Technology Officer of 2wcom. This article originally appeared in the e-book “What’s next in virtualization?”

The virtualization of software, especially the use of containers, makes it much easier to run the software on standard server hardware rather than on dedicated broadcast devices.

Creating platform-independent software is very good practice. It was definitely an exercise for us at 2wcom as we migrated our embedded software, which was designed for 4-channel audio over IP codec hardware (IP-4c).

But after this was achieved, it helped us to implement a project in which around 400 height units of the equipment could be reduced to just six server rack spaces – redundancy included!

If we dive deeper into the virtual rabbit hole called Kubernetes, it becomes clear that virtualization was just the beginning.

Why do senders need Kubernetes?

Kubernetes – “K8s” for short – is an open source platform for managing containers, services and workloads …


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