The web-based word game Wordle has taken over the Internet. People all over the world take part in the puzzle where you have to guess the word of the day.

What makes the game more challenging is the fact that the player is not given any direction or clue as to what the word could possibly be.

The game is gaining momentum every day and among all the words, netizens are specifically talking about the Wordle Word of the Day on January 24th, 2022 – Knoll.

So if you’re wondering about this too, let’s explain the meaning of the word.

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Meaning of ‘Knoll’ explained

The world word of the day on January 24, 2022 was “Knoll”.

Several players have commented on Twitter that they have no idea what knoll means, and some even branded it as one of the trickiest words yet.

According to the Cambridge dictionaryKnoll is a small low mound with a rounded top.

The word has become one of the most debated topics on the internet today as people try to decipher what it actually means.

Twitter responds to the January 24 Wordle word

Obviously, those who correctly guessed the Wordle word on January 24th took to Twitter to brag about the results, but others who couldn’t crack it were simply surprised.

In response to the word Knoll, one tweeted: “You definitely didn’t guess KNOLL the first time you tried it”

Other tweeted: “That was a… ridiculously normal word, after yesterday’s KNOLL…. WHAT KNOLL IS”

“Knoll sent me over the edge” claims Another.

A player who could correctly guess the word wrote: “BUT I WAS KNOLL BECAUSE I LEARNED ENGLISH AT SCHOOL”

How do I play Wordle?

If you haven’t played the puzzle yet, it’s high time you did! How Wordle works:

All you have to do is guess a five letter word in as few tries as possible. You get six tries.

After each guess, the tiles change color to indicate how close you are to guessing the word.

When the tile turns green, it means you guessed the right letter in the right position. When it turns yellow, it means the letter is present in the word but placed elsewhere.

However, if the tile turns gray, it means that the letter does not exist at all.

You can play Wordle online for free here.

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