– A Knightdale woman asked 5 On Your Side for help after someone hacked her Amazon Web Services account and she was billed more than $2,700.

Sharron Rogers said she used AWS, a popular cloud service provider, in a free trial to send a digital file. She later received an email warning that her account might be compromised.

“At first I thought, ‘This must be a scam,'” Rogers said.

She logged into Amazon Web Services, saw nothing out of the ordinary, and since she hadn’t used the account in months, she closed it. Then she got the email with a bill for $2,766.

“I was very angry. I kept trying to talk to Amazon. Nobody called me. I’ve been sending email after email,” Rogers said.

After several messages, an AWS customer service representative told Rogers that she needed to reopen the account and add a valid payment method to investigate.

“I didn’t want to open again…


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