Kaspersky has improved and expanded the list of features available to Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection users. The most important updates include the emergence of location cities and the ability to connect a Kaspersky VPN service to a home router or other connected devices. In addition, Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection now has a dedicated one Transparency and security side which explains how the service collects and processes personal data in the event of law enforcement and government inquiries.

The trend towards remote or hybrid work in 2021 continues around the world, with many employees choosing to work partly from home. At the same time users now Counting pay more attention to what is happening to your data online and try to protect it. All of this has led to it the growing popularity of VPN services that are used today to protect sensitive work data and to protect privacy on the Internet.

New location cities and expansion of the list of available regions

With the latest update, users can …

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