The ransomware attack forced MSPs to review their own incident response skills and those of their customers.

Everywhere the feet of MSPs are held by the fire after the Kaseya VSA supply chain Ransomware attack Last weekend. The attack injured approximately 50 customers, including 35 MSPs, and affected up to 1,500 of their customers in one way or another.

Understandably, the violation led to a radical change in the industry. This led many MSPs to take a close look at their security stacks. It also made it clear once again that security is not just a product, an initiative, a service or a solution. The best defense is to create a structure of built-in and automated policies, procedures, and project-based and managed security solutions.

We have ours. asked 2021 MSP 501 series to weigh this issue. Since we were curious about the impact the Kaseya breach had on MSP organizations, we wanted to know several things. Does this lead to more customer loyalty and peer-to-peer work? Also, are MSPs taking more customer calls? Are you considering which strategic Infosec partnerships you should include in your portfolio?

Our Slide show above includes our 501 comment on the Kaseya ransomware attack. Are your experiences the same as those of your colleagues?

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