Ailing IT management software provider Kaseya has postponed the restoration of its SaaS services to Sunday, July 11th.

An update on the company Incident Guide Report Includes a video message from CEO Fred Voccola, who was personally responsible for the delay.

“It is my decision to do this to revoke yesterday’s publication,” he said. “We’d managed all of the vulnerabilities and were comfortable with the release, but third-party engineers made suggestions to add extra layers of protection to protect us from things we couldn’t foresee.”

The addition of these extra safeguards added to the delays.

“This was the toughest decision of my career,” said Voccola, but assured customers that the result will be a product that is “as hardened as we think possible”. Later in the video, he said that Kaseya’s VSA product will be “exponentially more secure” because of the changes.

The scheduled time for SaaS services to be restored is July 11 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

“We’re very confident … we will have customers going back online,” said Voccola.

The CEO also outlined a cash assistance program for Kaseya customers, which he said will be similar to payments in March and April 2020. Payments for licenses are deferred.

“Throwing money at problems is not a way to solve them,” said Voccola, but “it’s better than not throwing money at them. We do what we can.”

Voccola shot this video at his home, and it was a slightly more rustic version than his previous efforts – complete with audio glitches and dubious focus.

The CEO was also a little more remorseful, admitting, “I feel like I have let this community down, I have let my company down, our company has let you down.”

“I don’t read a script,” he once said. “That’s not BS – that’s reality.”

But he argued that every software company has flaws and that the criminals behind the attack are fully responsible for the incident.

“We love our customers,” he says. “It annoys me when we do something to hurt her. Especially when it is so, when we have fallen victim to criminal acts and everyone is affected by it. “

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola in his new video.

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CTO Dan Timpson also appeared on a video explaining that as a result of the incident, Kaseya “is making our processes, deployment, and code base much more stringent to keep everyone safe and improve the overall safety of our products.

“We are determined and are working intensively on our security situation across the board.”

For now, Kaseya has runbooks for. released SaaS and on site Customers. Timpson said both had been peer-reviewed.

Good luck, Kaseya customers. Feel free let us know how it goes on on Sunday. ®

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