Kaseya Completes Acquisition of Datto: 6 Things You Should Know


Starting Thursday, two of the top companies serving the MSP community will become one Kaseya has completed the acquisition of Datto and turned his former rival into “Datto, A Kaseya Company”. Arguably the most significant change in the MSP business, the merger of the two companies brings together two key players while putting pressure on rivals such as ConnectWise, N-capable and NinjaOne.

Competitors to both Kaseya and Datto have expressed concerns about the two companies’ merger. John Pagliuca, President and CEO Burlington, Mass.-based N-able, for example, told CRN in May that the two companies were pursuing different strategies that could affect how the merger goes smoothly.

“In the past, Datto has done a very good job as an MSP-First and has been quite focused on the channel and its MSP community,” Pagliuca said at the time. “Kaseya had a different strategy. Kaseya is not a pure MSP shop and I think that’s the reason for most of the concerns. Now, won’t the MSP channel be the only focus of the new Kaseya-Datto entity? I think that is the reason for many concerns. And honestly, it’s not really my place to say whether or not that concern is valid. It’s just the reality.”

The reality, according to Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola, is that Kaseya has developed plans to make the new combined company a success. These include retaining Datto’s top executives and other key executives, gradually merging the combined account management team even as 1,000 new account managers are added by year-end, increasing investment in research and development, and leveraging key Datto product lines, particularly an often-overlooked networking business that Voccola says is on par with the best Cisco Systems has to offer.

The MSP community is about to take a whole new ride. CRN has identified six important things to know about Kaseya’s acquisition of Datto.

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