Kaseya CEO on Completed Datto Deal: Our job is to make sure we “build the best damn platform for our customers”


After the mammoth deal between Kaseya and Datto is completed, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola said the Miami-based provider is ready to begin integrating platforms, cutting costs and hiring more employees.

The $6.2 billion deal closed Thursday, and Voccola said he’s “super excited” about it.

“Now that Kaseya bought Datto, we can focus on more things,” Voccola told CRN. “And one of the focal points of this transaction is IT Complete’s network portfolio, which resulted from the acquisition of Datto and will be the #1 network infrastructure platform for MSPs by the end of 2024.”

CRN spoke to Voccola at Kaseya’s ConnectIT conference in Las Vegas about the details of the agreement, who stays and who goes, and what to expect going forward.

Voccola also spoke about product updates and rollouts like VSAX, Cooper Intelligence Engine and KaseyaOne.

The Cooper Intelligence Engine, named after Voccola’s 13-year-old Beagle/Pekingese mix Cooper, tracks technicians’ knowledge and education on modules and recommends and warns of additional training and content to ensure IT professionals have the most up-to-date date capabilities.

“There is no software platform on this planet that has an AI engine that ensures that the users of the platform get the maximum benefit from all the features, integration and capabilities,” he said.

Voccola compared Cooper to Clippy, Microsoft Office’s discontinued office assistant, but much better and much cuter.

VSAX, which will be released this fall, is Kaseya’s newest VSA tool that delivers comprehensive endpoint coverage, a modern, automation-focused, unified user experience, an increase in automation of more than 500 percent, and the ability to scale to more than 1 million endpoints will provide.

KaseyaOne is the central hub for the Kaseya IT Complete portfolio.

“You will see Kaseya continually add functionality in IT Complete through acquisitions as our customers find they need it. It’s always evolving,” he said.

Here’s what Voccola had to say about the completed Datto deal and product updates, and his reflection on his seven years as CEO.

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