NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Common Energy, a leading solar provider in the community, today announced that it is working with Microsoft, LinkedIn, Corning, Akamai Technologies and VMware to bring a new sustainability benefit to employees in every company.

Through Common Energy’s Clean Energy Benefit program, company employees can sign up to support new local solar projects in the community. The community’s solar projects generate clean energy that flows over the power grid, replacing fossil fuels and reducing emissions in the community. Each employee who signs up for the program will also receive clean energy credits that will reduce their electricity bills every month. There are no costs for the employer or the employee.

To date, partner employees from four states have signed up for Common Energy’s program and are supporting 50 MW of new clean energy capacity. Together, these projects will generate approximately 66 million kilowatt hours of clean energy and approximately 32 million pounds …

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