Newswise – Five years ago, researchers at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) at Johns Hopkins University in Laurel, Maryland created the Brain Observatory Storage Service & Database (BossDB) – a scalable, cloud-native data ecosystem for high-resolution volumetric neuroscience datasets – with the goal To make data open, accessible and user-friendly.

Now, an expanded collaboration between BossDB and Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Open Data Sponsorship Program will further enable the storage and access of ever-growing neuroimaging datasets generated by the neuroscientific research community.

“This relationship will catalyze the democratization of data access and accelerate scientific exploration by researchers and members of the public,” said Will Gray-Roncal, co-investigator in research and development at APL.

Sandy Hider, the lead APL developer on the BossDB team, agreed. “With this collaboration, APL hopes to pave the way for more …


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