As cyberattacks hit record levels, organizations are quickly learning that protective measures are not only desirable but essential if the organization expects to survive the knee breeches onslaught. For JFrog, who helps teams control, manage, and monitor global artifacts through repository and distribution platforms, this is a commitment they take seriously.

“What I do at JFrog has two roles. First, I take care of the company and make sure our organization is secure,” said Moran Ashkenazi, VP Security Engineering, CSO. “On the flip side, it’s about product safety and making sure our product is safe.” Ashkenazi joined JFrog from Playtika after speaking with co-founder Yoav Landman and realizing that the company believes safety is an integral part of the life cycle of developed products and software.

Moran Ashkenazi, VP Security Engineering, CSO of JFrog. Photo: Liron Saar and Omri Dadon

JFrog’s role on the internet is to …

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