For some, Jeffrey Katzenberg will always be the film mogul, co-founder of Dreamworks SKG and former chairman of Walt Disney Studios.

But Katzenberg proved that second acts really do exist in America, despite what F. Scott Fitzgerald once said. Five years ago, Katzenberg co-founded WndrCo, a Los Angeles-based venture capital firm, with Sujay Jaswa, former Head of Global Business and CFO at Dropbox.

Today, WndrCo has raised $750 million and invested in more than 30 companies, with a recent focus on investments in cybersecurity companies such as Aura and Twingate.

Katzenberg recently spoke to CRN about a variety of topics, including concerns about the US economy and WndrCo’s commitment to the channel.

But Katzenberg also spoke about other things, including

whether Hollywood actors and entrepreneurs have traits in common, and legendary Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, with whom Katzenberg has worked in Hollywood, among other places.

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